We offers a wide range of business services in Portugal.
Are you looking for a specialist in the field of taxation and perhaps legal? Are you interested in investing in Portuguese businesses or looking for a house for sale? Or maybe you just need a guide and interpreter who will navigate you through Portugal?
Surely, we can find someone who will meet all your expectations.If you want to learn more about Portuguese market before investing here, PPBC Club members have market analyzes from various sectors.Have you already decided to enter the Portuguese market and need a local partner? Our team might be helpful! We can find the right partner for you and make the first contact leaving a great first impression.

Polish-Portuguese Business Club offers a wide range of activities from commercial and legal advice to the organization of events.

Our greatest advantage is the excellent knowledge of the characteristics of the markets in which we operate. Our experience combining Polish and Portugal gives us great flexibility and versatility in providing comprehensive solutions and services tailored to the nature of your contact with the Polish and Portuguese markets. Using the services of our Club you gain assurance of working with professionals as well as access to a broad base of contacts and business connections.