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incentPPBC Club invites Poles living in Portugal to share their experience and knowledge with others who are just starting their adventure with Portugal.In our team we have many professionals who are willing to help and support Poles who just arrived in Portugal or planning on setting up a business connection here. Starting from both specialists in tourism and translations, through certified accountants and auditors ending on specialists in the field of market research and comprehensive internationalization.
Such a large variety of staff with such a diverse business knowledge will provide you with an access to a very wide range of services and offer the perfect fit for your needs. Constant contact and close cooperation with the Polish diplomatic gives us access to the latest and most reliable information, which then we use in our daily work.
In order to join us, just write a short note about yourself and contact us!

Already joined to the PPBC Club:PORTUGAL:
Anna Dąbrowska – Master of Economics, who currently serves clients in the Portuguese Polish brokerage house DIF BROKER. Dif Broker has a notification of Polish Financial Supervision Commission. It specializes in Asset Management – an organized investment strategies aimed at long-term capital growth while protecting the entrusted funds during the downturn in the stock marke. Brokerage House DIF BROKER SA

Agnieszka and Maciej Hermann – both doctors, who are passionate about tourism and photography. Recently jointly issued a guide to the Portuguese Azores. They run their blogs, Agnieszka: Kitchen over the Atlantic and Maciej: Photo and Travel.

Aleksandra Kawałek-Jankowska – co-owner and sales manager in the company SpareHarbor Lda acting on the ship automation market. Experienced in the field of car imports. Currently involved in the development and promotion of the real estate market in Portugal. Co-founder of the portal HousebyOcean.co.uk

Aleksandra Wojdyła – graduated from Middlesex University in London and University of Lisbon. Currently, she works as a guide in Lisbon and Portugal sharing her passion with incoming tourists. She also works with MBC Home organizing Incentive Travel to Portugal and PhotoLisbon.com organizing private tours in and around Lisbon.

Augusto Castro Lopes – Portuguese (born in Porto/ living in Lisbon for 10 year). He specializes in organization and production of events. He works with the Lisbon HitConsulting.pt company and uses his knowledge as an asset in areas such as tourism, recreation and corporate and private events.

Ewa Bento da Silva – lawyer (listed on the list of lawyers in Poland and Portugal). She has extensive experience in handling business entities, Polish and Portuguese, also in the field of trade negotiations. She specializes in issues such as: economic, employment law, compensation, intellectual and industrial property and litigatio. In addition, she is responsible for introducing foreign companies into Portuguese market, partners verification and debt collection.

Ewa Holt – Psychologist and psychotherapist in the issues of transpersonal, humanistic and existential. She specializes in the treatment of depression, emotional disorders, neurotic and eating disorders. In addition to traditional psychotherapy and psychological consults, she also provide psychotherapy via the Internet (using Skype) for people living abroad. She currently lives in Lisbon.

† Hanna Maćkowiak – an artist. She was also an author of a guide to Lisbon – FotoLizbona.pl. She died in a tragic accident in Cabo da Roca in 2014.

Justyna Warzocha – Executive Coach, business consultant, member of the International Coaching Community, a woman with an entrepreneurial drive, passionate about discovering human potential. As a member of PPBC I take responsibility for Public Relations, the implementation of business strategies, dealing with the external communication, and also the supervision of the events as well as special meetings. More on JustinaWarzocha.com

Kaja Łaszczych – lawyer, a specialist in the field of labor law and commercial law. She is responsible fot the introduction of Portuguese companies into Polish market. A lover of Portuguese language and culture.

Katarzyna Mrozowska – lawyer, who worked in the European Parliament as an economic advisor and expert on the financial crisis for many years. Currently, the owner of Marktree dealing with the export of Portuguese wines and gourmet products into the U.S. and Chinese markets. Her extensive portfolio also leads to an international consulting and trading in the former Portuguese colonies: Angola, Mozambique and Brazil.

Klementyna Witczak – Albuquerque – psychology, translation, tourism.

Magdalena Moreira – Financial Controller and Business Intelligence specialist. She has an extensive experience gained in international companies in France and Germany, working on projects m.in financial (implementation of SAP FI/ CO, BI system implementation ). She is passionate about nature, water sports and hiking. She loves traveling, learning about new cultures and people. Currently, lives in Portugal.

Magdalena Popławska – creator and owner of MBC Home, which specializes in the marketing and promotion of Portugal as well as in the development and implementation of individual offers to all who wish to know Portugal in an unusual manner, start a business or just relax .

Maria Dudzińska Gouveia – for many years associated with Portugal, permanently lives with her husband in Algarve, just over the Atlantic. Trained as a teacher of English; Bachelor graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, gained master degree in Lisbon. For some time she taught English in elementary school. Althought, she is also a certified make-up artist, with a passion for bridal and occasional make-up, some of which can be seen on the Algarve Make-up.

Michał Dąbrowski – manager specializing in strategic management and the development of the sales network with 10 years of experience in managerial positions. Currently CEO and co-owner of Consulting Group.pt, which since 2011 has also a branch in Portugal.

† Michał Maćkowiak – completed his doctorate at the Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon, IT specialist, coordinator and implementer of European projects (NEWCOM#LEXNETCOST IC 1004). Fascinated with Portugal was photographer and a private guide in Lisbon. Creator and photographer of PhotoLisbon.com. He died in a tragic accident in Cabo da Roca in 2014.

Monika Batista – licensed guide in Portugal (Guia Oficial Interprete/Nacional), issued in 2010 by the Department of Tourism in Portugal (Turismo de Portugal). Member of the association of official guides and interpreters SNATTI and AGIC which guarantee the highest quality services. Since 2003 runs touristic company – Blue Portugal – promoting trips, gourmet and Portuguese wines trials, business tourism and thematic trips to Portugal for individual clients and groups.

Renata Sadko Nóbrega – Madeira guide, co-owner of Madeira with us. For over 10 years she has been living in Madeira. Very well integrated into the local society. She speaks Portuguese, knows the island and its history. Her hobby is hiking. She takes takes an active part in events organized by the Department of Tourism.

Sonia Otrębska – tour guide for several years, provider of walking tours with Polish around the island. She has an extensive experience as a tourist guide. She loves scuba diving and underwater photography. Co-owner of Madera with us, offering comprehensive travel services for individual and group visitors to Madeira .

Tomasz Litwiński – economist and auditor in Portugal and Poland. Tax advisor in Portugal. Responsible for financial audits in sectors such as the regional savings banks, industry, services, tourism, real estate, health care. Other services: starting a business in Portugal, accounting in Portugal. More on Litwinski.pt.

Urszula Santos – has been living in Portugal for 9 years. She is a fan of the city of Porto and North of Portugal and as a tour guide invites you to explore this beautiful area.

Aneta Dudziak – interior decorator/designer. She specializes in producing events for LisbonParty.comShe uses her fascination and expertise in area of interior design into creating new touristic offers and best corporate and private events.

Aneta Wieczorkiewicz – Portuguese culture lover, creates and works as a pilot on the trips to Portugal. She lived in Lisbon for couple of years, but currently lives in Poland. She organize corporate trips to Portugal-Incentive.com

Beata Antosik – amateur of Portugal. She currently lives in Poland andis actively engaged in the tourism industry.

Bogusława and Józef Mekal – fascinated by Portugal. Spend each holidays on exploring new flavors and regions of the country.

Emilia Konkołowicz – economist specializing in internationalization, strategic management and market research. She completed MA degree in International Business, Capital Investment and Financial Strategies. Interested in the development of BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), Portuguese market and former colonies in Africa.

Janusz St. Andrasz – owner of blog: Luzomania.pl, an author of the first Polish Guide to Lisbon and its surroundings “Lisbon and Central Portugal”. He currently lives in Poland.

Jarosław Kaczmarek – finance, protection of life, prevention of health. Amateur of Portugal. He lives in Poland.

Joanna Wałek – graduated in the field of Iberian Languages, specializes in translating. She worked in Coimbra, Algarve, and then took an internship at the Polish Embassy in Lisbon. She currently lives in Poland.

Roman Domina – Business Analyst, specializes in strategic and financial analysis and optimization of business processes. He attended Universidade de Coimbra Scholar in Portugal and is the author of Business in Portugal, he also continued to pursue R&D projects and consulting for companies on the Polish Portuguese speaking markets. More on RomanDomina.com.

Weronika Drzewiecka – passionate Portuguese and Spanish technical translator. She also speaks English and French on very high level.