Tourism in Portugal

Portugal in terms of tourism values is an extremely competitive country. We have identified ten sections of increasing investment potential :

  • “Sun and sea”
  • Ecotourism,
  • Sea- sailing tourism,
  • Resorts
  • Trade tourism
  • Golf tourism
  • Gastronomy and wine tourism
  • Health and biological regeneration tourism
  • Cultural tourism
  • City breaks

Portugal has a ideal location from the point of view of tourism industry: access to the ocean, picturesque beaches and a record number of sunny days in a year. It is believed that the improvement of ” sun and sea ” tourism may be a remedy for the economic crisis faced by the Iberian country . Portugal is also a ” mecca ” for surfers . Every year , the mild climate and excellent ocean conditions attract many enthusiasts of this sport not only from Europe, but also from all over the world .

The country has a huge potential for the development of golf tourism . Most of the fields are located in the Algarve region fitting into the natural landscape of the coast, accompanied with great local nightlife resorts, attracting more and more groups of fans of the sport (the market recorded an increase of 7 % per year).

The advantage of Portugal is also the possibility of practicing this discipline throughout the year due to its mild climate.

The tourist market due to its capacity and flexibility may be the best hope for improving the domestic economy