In Portugal, a lot of attention is paid to the marketing in departments such as:

  • electronic marketing,
  • individual marketing,
  • internal marketing,
  • marketing of health,
  • urban marketing,
  • sports marketing,
  • communication,
  • neuromarketing.

Experts have noticed a number of trends that appear in this environment and have indicated directions of its development. After their observations they distinguished several trends: integration of digital marketing strategies in companies distributing marketing through various departments of the company, customer care in different stages of the product consumption, “anywhere, anytime” at a “one click” distance monitoring and increase in control over the efficiency of operations, severity of emotional charge and the reduction of a rational agent, focusing on niches and communities emphasis on individual marketing, investments in new technologies and automation services increased competitiveness compared to countries such as Brazil, India and China, which are gaining European market dissemination of geo-location – the integration of geo (GPS) with other strategies.

With the current economic situation in Portugal the prospect of financial outlays for marketing seems to be too bold idea, but many economists emphasizes the entrepreneurial history when investing in marketing during the crisis was the key to the success of certain brands – giants of our time.

In the time of systematic decline in recent years, the Portuguese advertising market ismainly based on its electronic form. Internet advertising appears to be resistant to the times of economic recession and has recorded a steady growth, thus emphasizing the importance and significance in their field. However, the TV constantly has the largest share of the advertising market (60 %). Second place belongs to the press (15% of total investments), but gradual decline is being observed. Experts predict that the media, such as television and the Internet will continue its operation for prominent positions achieving the largest investment and growth rates in the near future. It is believed that television still will be the most popular advertiser through promotion and publicity for the sake of the greatest probability of reimbursement of the costs of production, however the Internet will grab attention of group of specialists from this sector drawing profits from the more sophisticated tools of strategic planning.

According to forecasts, most of the investors of the advertising market will invest their money in games, personalized email advertising and mobile networks (telecommunications and the Internet). This scenario opens up a vast field of action for advertisers, who will be able to increase the interest and consumer interactions. The sectors most affected in recent times in terms of advertising investments is finance, beverages, personal care products and food. On the other hand, the biggest investment dynamism is being observed in the distribution sector, cars and telecommunications.