Information Technology – IT

In recent years, the Portuguese Government has engaged in dynamisation of IT sector supporting projects of companies based on information and communication technologies. On the domestic IT market there are many opportunities for development and the economic crisis has created an opportunity to establish businesses and institutions with lower operating costs by using IT solutions. Recently, many Portuguese companies have migrated to virtual environment because of the financial benefits, versatility and diversity of services.

Although the IT market has a lot of common features in most countries, Portugal stands out in this industry with specific trends: IT is used as a tool in the compensation plan expenditure, priority of virtualization in companies and organizations increase in analytical applications and ” Big Data” an increase in the purchase of mobile devices (tablets, game consoles, etc) the spread of newly emerging idea – “cloud computing” the impact of social networking on the enterprise market.

According to market research, many of Portuguese companies intend to continue operations, whereby they announce the introduction of systems ” disaster recovery ” and “backup”, which will translate into increased interest in support of the industry. The need for computerization and the trend of internationalization of the sector opens up new door for maneuver Polish specialists who, in addition to high -quality services, could also offer competitive prices .

The difficult economic situation of Portugal has forced a number of changes in this field too. Although it will not affect departments such as electronic communications, relationship marketing, press release or an investment in advertising on cable television, the current economic situation makes the price a determining factor in the choice of the service provider. However, economic crisis also creates new opportunities for companies and agencies. Department of communication can increase their chances at the retail level offering new brands and products discount.

High hopes for investment could also be found in the Internet and mobile phones industry. The mobile phone industry holds up to 92% of the population and this percentage is still increasing. The use of Internet in Portugal is etimated to be 5h a day and visiting the social networks is a regular practice of 95% of Internet users. Social networks in Portugal are an important mean of communication, including marketing and business promotion.