We are a group of Poles who live in Portugal and who are enthusiasts and lovers of this corner of Europe. We know all ins and outs of the Portuguese everyday life and have a lot of experience in dealing with the natives. Throughout the years of living and working in this piece of continent we became rich in knowledge, which we would like to share with others. If you need someone, who will introduce you to the Portuguese reality or who make it easier for you to find yourself in the foreign market – just contact us!

PPBC Club aims to collect and exchange reliable information in many areas. Our main objective is to introduce you to the business side of Portugal, to describe the possibilities and conditions for education or professional development , but also provide you with the latest news and the dates of important events. On the website in menu item called: Information and Presentation you will find investment opportunities in various sectors of the Portuguese economy drawing up real prospects for development. Also, we offer a wide range of business services in Portugal. PPBC aims to accompany you on many levels, from the information and the organization of activities in the professional field to concrete tips to help you move freely in the country.